Our Hosts

Khash Nejad

Khash is an entrepreneur and engineering leader who worked in top technology companies such as Google, eBay, Postmates and built and sold his startup.

Amir Roshanaei

Amir is strategist helping startups and corporations with their vision.

Katayoun Sepehri

Katayoun is leading Manesh accelerator. She has been mentoring startups focus on women entrepreneurs and under represented groups.

Reza Zarnukhi

Reza is a venture capital investor. He is CEO and board member at ITDF VCFund, co-founder of IRVC Association and ViraVC.com.

Mehrzad Sajjadi

Mehrzad is an entrepreneur and CEO of nFlux AI – Amazon funded startup that’s bringing NASA technology to industries on Earth.

Ramin Bagheri

Ramin is problem solver and innovator. He is majored in Business Administration and expert on Go-To-Market.

Brian Bakhtiari

Brian is a serial entrepreneur who is working on a new startup.

Shayan Mashatian

Shayan is 6x tech entrepreneur and startup advisor. He is the head of Silverberry Startup Studio.


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